Community Research Ethics Office

The Community Research Ethics Office (CREO) aims to strengthen and support community research by responding to the needs of community researchers to easily access an ethical support and review process.

New Ethics Application Process

We are no longer accepting our old application form

Thank you for your interest in applying to CREO for ethics review. This form asks for key details about your project. Your answers will help us determine whether we:
–       can provide a review.
–       need to discuss your application with you before you prepare and submit it.

This form also allows us to gather basic administrative information that we need to effectively manage the review process.

Within three working days of submitting this form, you will receive an email from CREO. The email will go to the lead applicant noted in the form. If we can provide a review, and you can proceed without discussing the application with us, you will receive a new application form with a unique application number. Otherwise, you will receive information about next steps.

Important: You cannot submit an application before you receive the new application form with a unique application number. You cannot submit an application using a previous version of a CREO application form.

If you need help responding to the questions in this screening form, please email us at to schedule a consultation.

CREO Application Screening Form

Please complete all of the questions (the last one is optional). When you have answered all of the questions, press, ‘submit’. You will receive a small notification below the ‘submit’ button to indicate that your submission was successful. After you receive this notice, your form has been submitted and no further action is required on your part.

The lead applicant is the person who is primarily responsible for executing the project and ensuring all team members adhere to the project’s ethical guidelines. We strongly encourage the lead applicant to complete the free, online, TCPS2: CORE-2022 Course on Research Ethics:
CREO cannot replace any institutional review required by a post-secondary institution.
Guidance: The lead organization is the organization overseeing the project. They assume primary responsibility for ensuring the project adheres to the project’s ethical guidelines. The lead organization is also the organization that will be invoiced for the project.
Please select all that apply. If you select any of the following, we may contact you to discuss your application.
Please select all that apply. If you select any of the following, we may contact you to discuss your application.

Application Review Fees

As the number of reviews we conduct continues to increase, we require additional administrative support to process applications and maintain appropriate records. We endeavor to provide and accessible and sustainable service to community organizations.  

As such, our fees will increase on May 1, 2024, as follows: 

Fees will continue to be due upon completion of the review process. In all cases, we will not issue a new application number to organizations with outstanding payments due. 

Our Principles

Our purpose is to offer a supportive environment that encourages community researchers to participate and collaborate in a process of reflection that promotes awareness of ethical issues and maximizes ethical conduct of research. Our services are available across Canada. 

CREO’s work aligns with the three core principles in the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (TCPS 2, 2022). CREO includes a fourth principle reflecting the impact research has on communities as well as individuals. Our four core principals are:

Respect for Persons

Concern for Welfare

Concern for Justice

Respect for Community