CREO Annual Report – April 2012

The Community Research Ethics Office Annual Report The first year of the Community Research Ethics Office (CREO) has come to a successful end.  The Community Research Ethics Board wishes to express its’ gratitude to all who supported CREO in the initial stages of growth.  Please read the attached Annual Report, created by Bill Marr, Chair of… Continue reading CREO Annual Report – April 2012

Workshop – May 28, 2012

The Community Research Ethics Office Workshops Announcing a new Community Research Ethics Workshop: Am I Being Ethical in my Treatment of Participants and Communities?  The workshop to cover such issues such as: – research ethics principles and guidelines – how to apply ethical principles and guidelines to your research – examples of ethical dilemmas and… Continue reading Workshop – May 28, 2012

New CREO Workshops!

New CREO Workshops to be offered to the community covering various topics related to ethics in research.  Stay tuned! The first workshop is planned to be ready by May 2012.