Informed Consent Form & Information Letter

TCPS 2 (2018).
TCPS 2 (2018) has replaced the 2nd edition of the TCPS 2 (2014) as the official human research ethics policy of the Agencies. All reviews and consultations provided by CREO are guided by the TCPS’ 2nd edition. Chapter 3 of the TCPS provides the ethical requirements for consent in research involving humans.
This PDF contains the 12-point consent process outlined in TCPS 2 (2018). This information is required in a consent form for any research participants.


CREO’s Guidelines for an Informed Consent Form/Information Letter.
These guidelines have been created by CREO to support you in the development of an information/consent form for a research project. Keep in mind that there may be unique considerations based on the project and population you are working with.